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We organize the EURO 2018!

 We are proud to announce that we will be organizing, together with Ramón Álvarez-Valdés at...
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PMS 2016

 Recently we organized the 15th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling...
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Rubén Ruiz recognized as the lead researcher in operations research and management science in Spain

  Rubén Ruiz (second from the left), the head of the SOA group, has been recognized as the...
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Welcome to the new web page for the research group "Sistemas de Optimización Aplicada SOA" or Applied Optimization Systems. SOA is a dynamic research group formed by university professors and highly qualified individuals. We conduct research into relevant problems, both specific and general,  concerning socio economic sectors at a local, national and international level.

The SOA group is centered around production, logistics, routing and inventory problems, forecasting, among many others. We provide solutions to those problems for which general and specifically tailored solutions or existing procedures have failed to provide satisfactory results. To this end, we employ the most advanced optimization technologies from management science, operations research, computer science, artificial intelligence and industrial engineering.

Please feel free to wander around our new website, you will find information about our activities, our projects, research work, publications and so on.