A comprehensive review and evaluation of permutation flowshop heuristics to minimize flowtime

Research Area: Articulos Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: Pan, Quan-Ke; Ruiz, Rubén
Journal: Computers & Operations Research Volume: 40
Number: 1 Pages: 117–128
In recent years, a large number of heuristics have been proposed for the minimization of the total or mean flowtime/completion time of the well-known permutation flowshop scheduling problem. Although some literature reviews and comparisons have been made, they do not include the latest available heuristics and results are hard to compare as no common benchmarks and computing platforms have been employed. Furthermore, existing partial comparisons lack the application of powerful statistical tools. The result is that it is not clear which heuristics, especially among the recent ones, are the best. This paper presents a comprehensive review and computational evaluation as well as a statistical assessment of 22 existing heuristics. From the knowledge obtained after such a detailed comparison, five new heuristics are presented. Careful designs of experiments and analyses of variance (ANOVA) techniques are applied to guarantee sound conclusions. The comparison results identify the best existing methods and show that the five newly presented heuristics are competitive or better than the best performing ones in the literature for the permutation flowshop problem with the total completion time criterion
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