Optimisation of a decoupled sliding mode controller for a supply ship using genetic algorithms: simulated and real results

Research Area: Articulos Year: 2005
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: Alfaro-Cid, Eva; McGookin, E.W.; Murray-Smith, D.J.; Fossen, T.I.
Journal: Control Engineering Practice Volume: 13
Number: 6 Pages: 739-748
Two decoupled Sliding Mode control configurations have been designed for the navigation and propulsion systems of CyberShip II, a scale model of an oil platform supply ship. These control structures have parameters that need to be tuned to improve their performance. These parameters have been optimised using Genetic Algorithms. The performance of these controllers has been analysed through computer-generated simulations based on a non-linear hydrodynamic model of CyberShip II. The robustness has been evaluated through simulation in the presence of environmental disturbances. Subsequently, the optimised controllers have been tested in the real plant and the results are shown.
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